Waterproof versus water-resistant flooring

If you need protection from water damage, you’re going to want to know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant flooring. It’s not that one is good and the other bad, but more about which one suits your specific requirements, so read along now to find out more.

Do you need water-resistant or waterproof floors?

Water-resistant flooring offers protection against dampness, humidity, and spills by giving you more time to clean up afterward. The time varies up to 72 hours, depending on the brand you choose, but at some point, these floors will begin to take on damage.

Waterproof floors, however, are entirely impervious to water and will never take on water damage under any circumstances. So, if you experience heavy dampness or humidity, large spills, or frequent liquid messes, these are the floor coverings you want.

For areas with minor damage potential, water-resistant materials will work well, but if you need more protection or better peace of mind, you'll want to choose waterproof floors for your home. When you're ready to find options that work for you, including a wealth of visual opportunities and added benefits, be sure to visit us, and we will help match you with products that are perfect for your home. And needs.

We want to provide the best waterproof flooring options

When you visit Richie Ballance Flooring & Tile, you’ll find a wealth of flooring materials with character and benefits that work to your great advantage in every room, especially where protection is necessary. We focus all our training and experience on ensuring your best results.

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