Is water resistance the same as waterproof flooring?

Is water resistance the same as waterproof flooring?

Water-resistant floors and waterproof floors are not the same things. The differences are subtle, but they are enough to be very important to specific homes.

If you're not sure which type of protection you need, we can help. It's as simple as comparing your list of needs with the benefits found in the materials.

How are these two materials different?

Water resistance means you have more time to clean up spills, dampness, and humidity. Some products protect for up to 72 hours before damage begins.

Entirely waterproof floors never take on water damage. Waterproof floors, even in flood conditions, you won't have to replace your flooring due to this damage.

Extended benefits of waterproof materials

These floors also protect against daily wear, like scratches and stains. You can customize the level of protection with thicker products and protective layers.

This benefit is a fantastic addition to your home if you have pets or children. And for added protection, you can use area rugs or runners to keep traffic off the surface of your flooring.

We can't forget about the stunning visuals that come with these floors. You'll find waterproof flooring options that match any decor, with beautiful colors, textures, and more.

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