What makes waterproof flooring so durable?

What makes waterproof flooring so durable?

In addition to outstanding protection from water damage, waterproof floors offer an ongoing level of durability that can meet your every need in any room in your home. Today, we’re going to tell you what makes the flooring so durable and how you can take advantage of it, so read along for that information now.

Durability and waterproof floors go hand in hand

Every homeowner knows that waterproof floors are known for their impressive waterproof properties, but they are also incredibly durable in other ways. Each waterproof product is a little different, but it’s often the construction of the material that gives it that extra level of protection.

For instance, with impervious tile flooring, you’ll note the products resist chips, stains, cracks, and more, thanks to high-temperature kiln firing that produces a hard, dense material. In addition, luxury vinyl gets impressive dimensional stability through layers of construction with exceptional benefits all around.

Luxury vinyl also provides a top wear layer that helps keep signs of daily wear at bay, protecting the image layer just beneath. And you’ll find that these floors can last well more than 20 years if professionally installed and regularly maintained, so stop by today to see them in person.

We provide waterproof flooring options that will serve you well

Richie Balance Flooring & Tile is a great place to find the best waterproof flooring options for every room in your home, with an impressive inventory of materials available for your consideration. Our associates will work with you to ensure your most successful results from start to finish.

From our showroom in Wilson, NC, we serve residents from Bailey, Lucama, Kenley, and Elm City, and we'd love to work with you on your next flooring project as well. So please stop by any time to view all of our waterproof flooring options to see which one best fits your needs.